Farmland Investor Letter is published by Mercator Research LLC, an independent company with no ties to real estate brokers, commercial farm managers or lenders. Edited by Michael Fritz, Farmland Investor Letter provides news, and analysis on land value and lease rate trends, as well as the impact of biofuels, interest rates, government farm programs and their influence on land values.


Our primary focus is to provide actionable market intelligence to assist landowners in managing their real estate holdings and maximize investment returns. In addition to individual landowners, our timely coverage and insights are valued by appraisers, family investment offices, endowments, lenders, real estate brokers, and other allied professionals. Our subscribers own or manage more then $4 billion in agricultural real estate and span the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Each issue of the Letter is concise, relevant, and offers a unique perspective. We interview successful investors and share insights on acquisition strategies, price trends, and other timely management issues important to investors. To review a copy of Farmland Investor Letter, request a free sample issue or subscribe today.

Our extensive links includes convenient, direct access to the latest state, regional, national, and international farmland value studies, lease rate surveys, and custom farming rate guides.

Subscribers to at least a 12-issue term of the digital edition of the Letter, receive two FREE bonuses: Our Weekly News Alert, issued via email, provides a summary of relevant web-based news and analysis selected by our analysis staff, and our Monthly Land Market Pulse, a quick-take overview of farmland price trends based on Creighton University’s survey of rural bankers in 10 Midwest, Plains and Mountain states.

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