FarmlandInvestorCenter.com is an agricultural real estate news, analysis and information portal curated by Mercator Research, LLC, an independent publishing, research and advisory firm founded in 2004. Our flagship media title is Farmland Investor Letter — the nation's premiere landowner news and advisory letter.


Our Mission

FarmlandInvestorCenter.com takes the Farmland Investor Letter brand—known for its insight, research, and actionable market intelligence, and extends it to the Internet. FarmlandInvestorCenter.com provides more than access to the electronic version of the current Letter and an archive of past issues. FarmlandInvestorCenter.com is a portal that offers frequently updated news and analysis relating to the farmland sector, plus an extensive landowner resource library that includes links to hundreds of local and national sites ranging from opinion surveys on land values and lease rates, to farm economics, government farm programs and legal issues. Our market commentary is objective and driven by enterprise research and original reporting.

Our Products & Services

Site members can access a wide range of market information on land values, lease rates, crop profit forecasts and other key issues to better understand the cash-generating capability of farmland and the prospect for future investment returns. Our products include Farmland Investor Letter, an eight-page, national subscription-based letter; Monthly Land Market Pulse, a quick-take summary of recent farmland price trends anchored by Creighton University’s Farmland Price Index; Cash Rent Survey Reports are customized summaries of average county-level cash rent rates for cropland and pasture presented in an easy-to-read format; Expected Cash Rent Reports, are a novel forward-looking analysis tool to gain insights into expected county-level average rents based on crop production revenues.

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