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Farmland Investor Center is a leading provider of independent investment research for the agricultural real estate sector. We offer a multiple line of Internet and print-based products and services for individuals, allied industry professionals and institutions. Our independence, along with industry knowledge, analysis and proprietary data, makes Farmland Investor Center the primary destination for all investor audiences.

Farmland Investor Center provides access to our flagship Internet property to help you better target your audience. We can assist you in showcasing your brand internationally. Let us join our industry expertise and insight to your marketing program.


Farmland Investor Center attracts the audience you need. It’s a focused, sophisticated, global audience that relies on the unvarnished analysis, investment insights and enterprise research that only Farmland Investor Center delivers.

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Our registered member base includes all levels of investors from beginners to experienced, who rely on's independent analysis and innovative tools to help them make informed investment decisions. Our demographics indicate a prime audience for advertisers wishing to target high net worth individuals, institutions, and allied industry professionals.

Paid Subscribers boasts the largest financial subscription site focused on agricultural real estate on the Internet, where members pay $149 for 12 issues of Farmland Investor Letter, our flagship independent investment letter. As paid subscribers,’s Premium Members have proved their willingness to invest in quality products and services. They are also apt to maintain higher incomes and more investable assets than registered members.

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Leverage your brand with Farmland Investor Center and place your message on our site. Contact us to learn more.

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Deliver your message through flexible, integrated plans. There is no easier and more effective way to reach investors and allied industry professionals than with Farmland Investor Center.

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Farmland Investor Center’s online display ads allow advertisers to immerse their message into the content and data of our site. For details including placement and packages, click here to view our Media Kit, or contact us today.

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Farmland Investor Center e-newsletters are highly targeted HTML or text-based e-mails that provide coverage of key areas of interest to paid subscribers of Farmland Investor Letter. Sponsorship of our e-newsletters engages your brand with investors who keep up with the latest market trends.

  • Weekly News Alert - Collection of aggregated online news and analysis gleaned by our research staff as especially relevant to landowners and industry professionals.
  • Monthly Land Market Pulse - Quick-take, single page report of land value trends across 10 Midwest, Plains and Mountain States. Anchored by data from Creighton University’s Farmland Price Index.

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